Agroexpo Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd.

As the Pioneers in delivering the finest quality products, Agroexpo Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd. is currently in the forefront in terms of leading the Sri Lankan export industry forward. As the main exporters of commodities such as locally produced spices, fresh and organic fruits, and vegetables, we ensure that our clients reap the best benefit in terms of quality as well as quantity

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Vegetable are the staple of our life, no matter which cuisine we prefer. They are nutritionally dense and provide many a health and dietary benefit however, it is not for well-being alone though that we seek out these wonderful buds. tubers leaves and shoots. We are seduced by the treasury of fragrance, flavor and appearance of these essentials for life. which Frech Fruits supples at premium quality.


Fruits, a fundamental key word that emphasizes not only who are as people. but echoes through all our languages and cultures. We speak of the fruits of successes or the fruit of our labors or aspirations happening into fruition. Fruit is the essential sweetness that creates our